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Fist of all , what this plugin is all about ??

It just displays the current mouse/cursor position a little more eyecandy.

Lets take a look :

Nice !!! what to do now ??

Just continue reading .. ;)

i use ubuntu hardy alpha 4 and i already have installed master git
here is how i installed mousepoll and showmouse plugin:

1) run “Alt+F2” and type “gksudo gnome-terminal
this will open gnome-terminal with superuser priviledges
2) type :

mkdir compiz_plugins
cd compiz_plugins

3) clone both plugins through git :

git clone git:// mousepoll
git clone git:// showmouse

4 )

cd mousepoll
BUILD_GLOBAL=true make install
cd ..


cd showmouse
BUILD_GLOBAL=true make install


i hope this helps you

Important : you need master git for both plugins to work !!

Master git is the latest version of compiz.

If you are looking for a way to install compiz fusion from git take a look at this (look at Makefusion script)

Note : if you are going to use makefusion script to install compiz then you don’t need this , as both plugins are already in plugins-extra category

Advertisements announced the release of Compiz 0.7.0

What’s new :

1) Multi-display support.
2) A KDE4 port of the kde-window-decorator has been added
3) Frequent crashes of kde-window-decorator for some people have been fixed.
4) Middle and right click actions have been made configurable in gtk-window-decorator.
5) Gtk-window-decorator now optionally allows mouse wheel title bar actions, such as shading.
For complete changelog about compiz 0.7.0 look at the official announce here.

    How to install (Git) :

    git clone git:// compiz0.7.0

    of course you need git to be installed ;)

    Also there is a script called “Makefusion” which you can use to install compiz and compiz-fusion plugins (main extra unsupported atlantis2 bs cubedbus filedebug freewins fireflies maximumize mousegestures photowheel rubik screensaver stars snowglobe shelf visualevent wallpaper).

    This script is for ubuntu users 7.10 and below.You can find the script and more instructions about it here and here.

    If you have Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Alpha4 installed there is already an update available!

    Just run the update-manager or run in terminal “sudo apt-get update” and install the available updates :D