How to install showmouse plugin, Compiz Fusion

Posted: 8 February 2008 in English, Ubuntu
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Fist of all , what this plugin is all about ??

It just displays the current mouse/cursor position a little more eyecandy.

Lets take a look :

Nice !!! what to do now ??

Just continue reading .. ;)

i use ubuntu hardy alpha 4 and i already have installed master git
here is how i installed mousepoll and showmouse plugin:

1) run “Alt+F2” and type “gksudo gnome-terminal
this will open gnome-terminal with superuser priviledges
2) type :

mkdir compiz_plugins
cd compiz_plugins

3) clone both plugins through git :

git clone git:// mousepoll
git clone git:// showmouse

4 )

cd mousepoll
BUILD_GLOBAL=true make install
cd ..


cd showmouse
BUILD_GLOBAL=true make install


i hope this helps you

Important : you need master git for both plugins to work !!

Master git is the latest version of compiz.

If you are looking for a way to install compiz fusion from git take a look at this (look at Makefusion script)

Note : if you are going to use makefusion script to install compiz then you don’t need this , as both plugins are already in plugins-extra category

  1. Vlady says:


    Everything works untill I get to step 4. When I enter “make”
    I get the following error message:

    Makefile:48: *** [ERROR] Compiz not installed. Stop.

    Do you have any workaround?


  2. gourgi says:

    hi, this is rather old post and the present code of mouse poll plugin maybe is not for your compiz version

    try an older version of both plugins (
    hit at older commits
    and here;a=summary
    maybe you should (if you are using Gutsy) Quattro’s repository.

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